Commitment to Quality

The manufacturing of hand tools and fasteners, such as bolts, screws, nuts, and washers, is a critical process that requires attention to quality at every stage. At RKAK Group, quality processes ensure that each of our final product meets the required specifications and standards, and is free from defects and errors. Here are some key quality processes that our embedded into our manufacturing practices:

1. Inspection: Inspection is a crucial quality process that is performed at various stages of the manufacturing process. It involves checking the raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products for compliance with the specified dimensions, tolerances, and quality standards.

2. Testing: Testing is another important quality process that is performed on the finished products to determine their mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Testing helps to ensure that the fasteners can withstand the required loads and environmental conditions.

3. Quality control: Quality control is a process that involves monitoring the entire manufacturing process to ensure that the final product meets the required quality standards. It involves checking the equipment, tools, and processes used in the manufacturing process to ensure that they are functioning properly and producing the desired results.

4. Statistical process control: Statistical process control is a quality process that involves the use of statistical methods to monitor and control the manufacturing process. It helps to identify trends and patterns in the process data, and to make improvements to the process to reduce variability and improve quality.

5. Quality management system: A quality management system is a set of policies, procedures, and guidelines that are implemented to ensure that the manufacturing process is consistent and reliable. It involves the use of tools such as quality assurance, quality control, and continuous improvement processes to achieve high-quality results.

By implementing these quality processes, RKAK Global ensures that our products are of high quality and meet the required specifications and standards.

ISO 9001:2015

From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic.

  • Brake repair
  • Changing  rotor kits
  • Sensor repair

Oil service

Regularly check up your car by changing the engine oil to keep it running perfect, our oil types which we use are:

  • 5W-30 Diesel oil
  • 5W-40 Petrol oil
  • 5W-20 Synthetic oil


Selecting the right set of tyres for your car can have a significant impact on your car’s characteristics, having an influence on braking distances.

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • Runflat tyres


Why waste time shopping for car batteries or waiting in an auto repair shop? We are competitively priced battery replacements for most vehicles.

  • Free testing
  • Long Lasting
  • 6-year warranty


Take a free car diagnostic without leaving your garage. We will help you solve your car problems with easy-to-follow auto repair troubleshooting guides.

  • Error check-up
  • Constant updates
  • Navigation installations

Filter changing

Fuel filters serve a vital function in today’s modern, tight-tolerance engine fuel systems. Unfiltered fuel may contain several kinds of contamination.

  • Fuel filter
  • Air filter replacement
  • Cabin filter